Hi friends! I’m going to keep this short, because I can only imagine you’re feeling maxed out on content consumption right now. A few people have asked if I still have the old Mindful Budgeting print templates that I used to sell here, and the answer is yes! If you’re looking for a tool that can help you take control (or at least take stock) of your finances right now, in this time of uncertainty, I’ve uploaded the files so you can download them for free. Here are the two links:

Some of my personal story is outdated (for example: no longer working full-time for a company, as I am now self-employed) but that’s not the content that matters. If you want, skip ahead to page 9 of the program PDF to learn how to use the templates. There are weekly spending sheets, a monthly budget, a monthly calendar to stay organized, and two exercises to help you do monthly check-ins to see how you’re feeling + quarterly check-ins to ensure your spending aligns with values.

UPDATE 3/23: After receiving a number of emails asking about the physical Mindful Budgeting Planners, I have decided to re-upload everything to the print shop—and sell them at cost. That means I’m not profiting from the sale. The price you pay is what it costs the company to print + ship them to you.

I hope this is helpful and feels supportive right now. Love you, thinking of you, and sending so much strength!

Be kind and be safe,

xx Cait


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