Ram Dev leads a practice on working with fear, and talks about using centered awareness as a means of integrating practice into daily life.Working With Fear

Ram Dev starts with a practice on working with fear and using it as a gateway to loving awareness, rather than identifying with it. He talks about opening our hearts and finding the courage to be with something frightening and introduces the concept of centered awareness.

“Centered awareness, that’s mindfulness. Being able to be with what’s happening in a focused way, in a way that we’re choosing, rather than just being buffeted about by experience.” – Ram Dev (Dale Borglum)

Ram Dev explores integrating spirituality into daily life from the standpoint of centered awareness. He talks about what it really means to be centered, and some of the mistakes we make along the way.

“Being centered, dropping down into the Hara, dropping down into the lower belly, is the energetic stance that allows us to integrate practice into daily life.” – Ram Dev (Dale Borglum)

Integrating Practice Into Daily Life (25:00)

How do we integrate mindfulness into daily activity? Ram Dev talks about practicing out of gratitude rather than duty, doing lots of short meditations throughout the day, finding emotional granularity, and distinguishing between surface and deep emotions. He ends with a discussion on the Tibetan Buddhist concept of Shenpa, and how it’s important to distinguish between concentration and mindfulness.


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